Automated Google & Facebook Marketing For Real Estate Agents
We Provide Done-For-You Lead Generation Service So You Can Focus On Doing What You Love - Helping Your Clients Buy and Sell Homes!
Powerful Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Automation Service
We simplify Google and Facebook lead generation for real estate agents by taking the burden OFF you so you can focus on what matters most, helping Buyers and Sellers!
100% Done-For-You
We create and manage your Google AdWords campaing, Facebook Page with daily posting and Facebook Ads campaigns. 
New Leads, Every Day
Our automated campaigns are designed to provide you with a consistent stream of new leads for your real estate business.
Sell More Homes
With your lead generation on autopilot, you can now focus on the most important part of your business, selling more homes.
"Since using Realty Autopilot, I have the freedom to do what I do best which is being with my customers vs being slowed down with the burden of trying to find my next customer. Leads just come in all the time!!! 

I used to get my leads through Zillow, but Realty Autopilot cost per lead is much less, so I get more leads per month for the same investment."  - Larry Zanas

“With technology forever changing I have found using Realty Autopilot to be a valuable part of my business. It has increased my leads tremendously. I tried creating my own facebook page for my business and it was very time consuming. 

Realty Autopilot allows me time to take care of leads, my sellers and buyers. I would highly recommend them!” - Lynne Florian
“My favorite part is that I don’t have to do anything. I just need to respond to leads. After my first two weeks, I have 2 clients that I am working with now. 

The value of Realty Autopilot for me is in the amount of time I save and I get more leads than I would using other systems. I would definitely recommend it to other agents." - Paul Sadusky
Focus on selling homes, while we take care of the time-consuming, but necessary tasks of generating leads with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.
We automate Google and Facebook lead generation for real estate agents by taking the burden OFF you so you can focus on what matters most, helping Buyers and Sellers!


We designed Realty Autopilot for busy real estate professionals who understand how important it is to have a consistent stream of new business coming in every day, day after day. If don't want the hassle of figuring it out on your own or spending hours doing the grunt work each day, we do it for you so you can focus on what's important - selling homes!

No Training To Buy

Want to learn how to generate real estate buyer and seller leads with Google AdWords or Facebook Ads? Great, there are are tons of marketers willing to sell you their how-to guides for thousands of dollars only to leave you to implement it all on your own anyway. Realty Autopilot does it all for you, you don't have to buy any training or implement any systems, it is completely hands-off for you.

No Expensive Website & CRM to Buy

How often have you seen companies offer you leads only to later find out that if you want their leads, you also have to buy their expensive website and CRM? What if you only want leads? What if you like your existing website or CRM? Usually, the answer is "too bad," not with Realty Autopilot. We don't try to sell you anything you don't need or want. We seamlessly integrate with your current website and CRM. 

For Real Estate Agents, by Real Estate Agents & Marketing Experts

Our team includes real estate agents who have produced at the highest level including $1 Million GCI per year mega-agents, brokers, real estate authors, trainers, coaches and speakers. Our team also includes marketing experts with experience working with multi-billion and Fortune 500 companies.
You may be thinking, of all the options, why do I need to generate leads with Google AdWords or Facebook Ads? It's simple, Google has the largest search network and Facebook has the largest social network, toghether they give you the opportunity to reach the greatest number of potential homebuyers and homesellers...

Go Where the Clients Are

We know that the vast majority of real estate clients (90%+ based on some surveys) start their process online. You must engage with potential clients online if you want to generate leads and grow your business.

Target Prospects Looking for Your Services

People who use Google search are generally looking for something specific. When you market with Google AdWords, you have the opporunity to target buyer in the market for a home or sellers looking to list their home. You can also target buyers and sellers in your preferred area or neighborhood.

Find Prospects Based on Social Interactions

Facebook Ads allows you target buyers and sellers based on interest, behavior and demographics. This allows you to focus your attention on the specific group of potential clients who are in the market to buy or sell a home.
Who Uses Realty Autopilot?
If you are in the real estate profession, you should use it...
Real Estate Agents
Realty Autopilot is the easiest way to increase your homes sale and income. We manage your Google and Facebook marketing so you can foucs on selling homes.
Real Estate Teams
Whether you need enough leads to keep 1 or 10 agents busy, we have a plan to fit your needs. If you are looking to expand your team, we also have custom marketing plans to help you recruit agents.
Real Estate Offices
Increase your bottom line and keep your agents engaged by offering company generated leads. If you have 10 agents or 100, we have a plan to fit your needs and if you are looking to grow your office, we also have custom marketing plans to help you recruit agents.
Are you ready?
Sign up today to automate your Google and Facebook lead generation so you can focus on doing what you love - selling homes!
Google AdWords
30-37 leads/mo.

$197 setup, then just $497/mo.
  •  Google AdWords Campaign
  •  Local AdWords AdGroups
  •  1,600-4,000 Local Keywords
  •  AdWords Lead Generating Ads
  •  Exclusive Territories & Leads
  •  Integrates with Your Existing Website & CRM
Facebook Ads
30-37 leads/mo. plus social engagement
$197 setup, then just $647/mo.
  •  Facebook Business Page
  •  Custom Built Facebook Real Estate Business Page
  •  Page Likes Campaign to Grow Your Page Audience 
  •  Daily Posting of Relevant Content on Business Page
  •  Facebook Ads Campaign
  •  Custom Audience Targeting
  •  Facebook Lead Generating Ads
  •  Exclusive Territories & Leads
  •  Integrates with Your Existing Website & CRM
Google & Facebook
60-74 leads/mo. plus social engagement
$297 setup, then just $997/mo.
  •  Everything in Google AdWords Campaign
  •  Everything in Facebook Ads Campaign 
SAVE $94 on setup AND 
 SAVE $147 each month!
Mega Agent / Team
75+ leads/mo. plus social engagement
Custom Pricing
  •  Lead Generation
  •  Multiple Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Multiple Facebook Ads Campaigns
  •  Recruiting Campaign
  •  Custom Built Facebook Real Estate Agent Recruiting Page
  •  Custom Facebook Recruiting Campaign
  •  Agent Recruiting Ads
  •  Grow Your Team!
FAQ: Here are some questions we get a lot
...if you have more questions, email us or click on our live chat icon below
How long will it take to set up my campaigns?
We will have your Google AdWord or Facebook marketing campains setup and ready to run in seven business days or less. Keep in mind that AdWords campain and each Facebook business page is custom built for each agent. We will need your help to gather the neccessary information to get your campains up and running.
 How long are your contracts?
We don't believe in long-term contract. If you love Realty Autopilot, you can use it month-to-month and if you don't love it, you can cancel any time you like.
What if I decide to move to a new brokerage?
Not a problem. Just let us know if you make a move to a new brokerage and we will update all your marketing with the new branding.
Can I integrate my favorite IDX website / CRM with Realty Autopilot?
Yes! Realty Autopilot will integrate with virtually every top real estate website provider to allow you to capture and nurture leads on your existing website and CRM.
 What if I don't have an IDX website / CRM?
If you are still stuck in the 80s and don't have your own real estate website, we have a great industry partner who will set you up with your own IDX website and CRM.
 What if I switch my IDX website or CRM provider?
Not a problem. Since Realty Autopilot integrates with virtually every top real estate IDX website and CRM provider, just let us know if you make a move and we will update all your marketing to make sure your leads are sent to the correct website or landing page.
 Who owns the leads?
You do! Any leads that are generate with Realty Autopilot are sent directly to you. In fact, each marketing campain is set up for you alone and you are the only one receiving the lead traffic from that campaing. Leads are not sold to multiple agents.
 How much work/time to I have to invest to generate leads?
Zero. Ziltch. Nothing. In case you missed the best part of Realty Autopilot, we do all the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is sit back, relax and take care of the new leads as they come in.
 If I have a question about Realty Autopilot, is there someone I can talk to?
Yes! We have an amazing support team ready to assist. You can use the chat feature at bottom right of the page or go to
 Can I "help" manage the AdWords or Facebook marketing accounts?
The best part of a "done-for-you" service is that we do it all for you. We have Google AdWords and Facebook marketing experts with years of experience specifically in the real estate industry to set up and optimize the marketing campaigns.
Can I add posts or content to the Facebook business page?
Yes! In fact, we love to see our clients post additional content, pictures and videos to their Facebook business pages. Feel free to post relevant pictures, links, articles, events, etc.
 If I cancel my Realty Autopilot account, will I lose my data?
As with most marketing companies, we have master accounts with Google and Facebook where all our client's campains are managed from. When you cancel your account, your unique marketing campains are deactivate and will become inaccessible. But you don't have to worry, all of your leads are in your CRM where you can still access and contact them any time.
 If I don't like Realty Autopilot, how do I cancel?
Simply log in to your account, go to your account settings and select "cancel my account." No need to call, email or talk to anyone!
 Have a question we did not address?
Email us or click on the chat box, bottom right.
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